November 16, 2007

Inching closer

Lots of exciting work-related and documentary-related stuff going on, and fortunately both of those things are pushing me closer to Amsterdam. I had a meeting with someone from this commercial post-production editorial company that I have my eye on - the agency with offices in both Portland, OR and Amsterdam (and a very small operation in NYC). It went really well, and getting in with this company would be a really huge step in the right direction for my career AND my goal to live in Amsterdam. Right now all I can really do is hope for the best and keep on top of the situation.

Ideally, I could freelance in Portland for this company for a few months, and in the off time I would go to LA and do the office job. That would really be the absolute best-case scenario. Experience, money, the chance to live in a new city, the chance to move ahead in the lovely world of post-production.. it's all really exciting to consider.

Last weekend I went down to my old hometown, Philadelphia PA. I was lucky enough to have a long lunch with my former boss, Gretjen. I worked for her as the Program Assistant for a non-profit cinema for several years, and value her advice and input more than just about anyone. She's made really important documentaries, she's fought for public access to come to Philly, and she's currently the Program Director for Scribe Video Center. By the time we were done with our meal, I felt like I had real direction. I know what I have to do next (WRITE!), I have an idea how much money I need to raise, and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to go the fiscal sponsorship route rather than trying to start my own non-profit business. Gretjen's advice and guidance really means the world to me, and I spent hours on Saturday writing and researching. Very, very productive.

I also spent time in Philadelphia with good friends that I don't get to see too often. Over brunch one day, my friends were asking me all sorts of questions about Amsterdam - mostly practical questions like how much I expect to pay in rent. It felt really good to have an answer (or at least a very educated guess) to everything I was asked. I really have done my research! The more I tell people, the more I get "oh, I have a friend/cousin/brother/ in Amsterdam, I'll get you in touch with him/her if you want." Yes! I do want that! I got back in touch this Dutch guy Marcel, who was my Hospitality Club host during my third visit to Amsterdam in September 2006. Right away, he said "you are welcome at my house." That's an invitation I certainly won't turn down when the time comes. When I stayed at Marcel's apartment, that was the first time I saw "real" Amsterdam and completely fell in love with it. I didn't know at the time that I would end up planning to move there, of course, but it all kind of seems to make sense now.

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